Watch: Tourists Make Hot Tea On A Frozen Stream In Kashmir; Netizens Jokingly Call It, “Ice Tea”

Travellers used an unconventional method to make chai in an icy location in Kashmir.

by Shreya Ghosh
Watch: Tourists Make Hot Tea On A Frozen Stream In Kashmir; Netizens Jokingly Call It, “Ice Tea”

Imagine waking up to an unimaginably beautiful destination surrounded by nature’s pristine charm. There are only endless landscapes of snow-capped surroundings and white snow covering everything all around. Seems like a dream, right? Well, you can fulfil this heavenly dream now by enjoying a holiday in Kashmir this winter season. Recently, some travellers made a video of making garam garam tea on a frozen stream in this valley and the video is going viral like crazy!

Tourists Made Chai In Kashmir Using Snow

Taking to Instagram, R A H U L Y A D A V – TRAVELLER 🇮🇳 (@trahuller) shared this viral video of making chai amidst endless snow.

The pristine location dipped in extreme cold looked like an excellent place to sip on a cup of tea. And these travellers had the most unique idea for that. Rather than buying chai from a local shop or asking from their hotel, they decided to prepare the beverage themselves in an icy place. To make tea on a frozen stream, they used a camp stove.

The group of men gathered some ice using a small glass and poured the scoops on a pan. Next, they used the stove to melt ice, added tea leaves, sugar, and milk, and made chai to enjoy in the shivering cold. While the recipe is simple and basic like the one we follow every day, the way of making it was indeed unconventional and not that hygienic as well.

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The Reactions On This Viral Video Of Making Tea On A Frozen Stream Are Hilarious!

Tea On A Frozen Stream
Picture credit- Instagram/ R A H U L Y A D A V – TRAVELLER 🇮🇳 (@trahuller)

The experience of preparing tea in this way with friends seems like a fun activity to enjoy but there is indeed a major concern about hygiene. People are walking over that snow and there are so many germs and insects there as well. Seeing the reel of making tea using not-so-fresh snow, Netizens are commenting and sharing fun responses.

While an Instagrammer called it an “ice tea”, someone else commented, “Le Bacteria:000 mannu tu to gaya”. A comment read, “What if someone has peed on the ice 2 days back”. In fact, Swiggy Instamart commented on this viral reel, “parle-g lekar aajaye”. Reading all the comments, it looks like most Netizens are a bit concerned about what if someone urinated there before.

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Will you give this epic recipe a try while travelling somewhere surrounded by frozen snow?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ R A H U L Y A D A V – TRAVELLER 🇮🇳 (@trahuller)

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