Peak Bengaluru Moment! Transgender Uses QR Scanner To Accept Money At Signal; Netizens Are Impressed

ccording to a recent post on X by Rishi Bagree, a transgender beggar is seen receiving alms through the UPI payment method.

by Anupriya Mishra
Peak Bengaluru Moment! Transgender Uses QR Scanner To Accept Money At Signal; Netizens Are Impressed

UPI transactions in India have certainly been drawing attention from across the world for quite some time. And it seems that in the age of digital transactions, begging has also gone online. Yes, according to a recent post shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a user named Rishi Bagree, the video revealed a transgender beggar seeking for donations, to which the money is then sent through the UPI payment method.

UPI Payment In Bangalore Making The Life Of Trans Community Better

Now a viral video, Rishi Bagree recently posted a video on X, which has drawn quite a bit of positive reaction from the people. In the video, a transgender beggar is seen requesting for some money. In response to this, the person recording this video is seen asking if there’s an alternate way of payment, like PayTM or UPI. As a result, the begar then draws out a card with a QR code, which the person recording then scans the same to send some money in a true cashless fashion. It seems that the video is from the streets of Bangalore, as there’s a shot of the BMTC bus in front of the bike. Coming back to the video, once the QR Code is taken by the person recording the video, the beggar is seen thanking him and moving ahead.

The Viral Video Has Already Garnered Over 940K Views!

UPI Payment
Pic credits: X/rishibagree

The video has already garnered 943.8 K views at the time of writing this article and this was posted on November 18, Saturday at 9:47 PM. In fact, netizens have also applauded this move! Yes, as they were happy to see that people in the transgender community also have bank accounts and UPI facilities. As a result, this allows them to be a part of the changing footprints in digital India.

Reactions Of The Netizens

Take a look at some of the reactions posted by the people under the video –

Some Were Seen Appreciating The Moment Caught On The Camera

Some Were Seen Recounting Similiar Instances

However, with this development, it’s worth noting that it’s not the first time that such a video or story of a beggar in India has gone viral. Earlier, in a report by the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that the mobile payment boom in India has also reached the beggars on the streets. Additionally, in a similar report by the Indian Express published quite a while ago, which covered the story of a beggar from Bihar, who was seen asking for money through the digital payment method. In this story, the beggar is seen wearing a card with a QR code around his neck.

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Such incredible stories from the streets really do give people a glimpse of how every sect of society is adapting itself according to the changing times.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/rishibagree

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