We Dare You Not To Go ‘Awww’ With These Adorable Pandas In Macao


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    Pandas – our gift from God for when we feel upset, unhappy or just need our regular dose of cuteness!

    What Is It?

    The Grand Panda Pavilion in Macao houses 4 Giant Pandas and they’re the most adorable, cuddly fur balls you’ll ever meet. Watch them play, eat, fall and repeat! I spent about an hour just laughing when I saw them. The next enclosure had a massive panda – who was fast asleep – all 11.30am! If that’s not life goals, I don’t know what is!

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    grand panda pavilion

    grand panda pavilion Image Courtesy: Tripadvisor

    What Else?

    The Grand Panda Pavilion also has a red panda. The enclosure is much smaller but the little panda is cute and seems to love his little space. The Pavilion has a play area and some flamingos and monkeys as well. we’d say it’s the ideal place to visit with your family, kids or even bae.

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    grand panda pavilion

    Grand Panda Pavilion


    Ticket to the Grand Panda Pavilion: HKD 10 (Rs 83)


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    Natasha Monteiro
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