We Drove Around Madh Island With Vikrant Massey And It Involved The Best Dosas | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
We Drove Around Madh Island With Vikrant Massey And It Involved The Best Dosas | Curly Tales

From Balika Vadhu to Haseen Dilruba, this actor has only moved forward, and it has been really entertaining to watch him on his journey. Vikrant Massey made his way into people’s hearts through his innocent performances in TV serials. The impact got only stronger once Mirzapur was released and took the nation by storm. Amongst other thrilling features of that show, Vikrant’s performance was well appreciated. To tell us more about his future endeavours and to have some fun with us, the extremely talented actor, Vikrant Massey joined our Editor-in-Chief in this episode of Sunday Brunch. We drove around Madh Island and dug into the recent events in her life. Check out the whole episode right away!

Vikrant Massey Talked About His Co-Star Taaspee Pannu

If we are in conversation with Vikrant Massey, how can we forget to address Haseen Dilruba? His movie, with a unique story line and a climax no one saw coming, was amazing in every way. There was hardly anyone who didn’t enjoy the film. He starred opposite Taapsee Pannu in that movie, and he is quite fond of her. As soon as her name came up, he described how much he enjoyed shooting with her.

He even spilt some beans about Taapsee being a big foodie, and you know how much we love that about someone. Now that we were talking about food, we had to know what Vikrant’s lunches look like. He shared that his lunches are pretty basic, with a different dal and sabzi every day. He also expressed his love for masala dosas, and that was our cue to have some.

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We Had Masala Dosas In Malad For Sunday Brunch

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We decided to go to Mindscape in Malad to have Masala Dosas. Once we reached there, Vikrant Massey wanted to have a Rava Masala Dosa and that is what we had. Indulging in that buttery, crispy dosa on the roadside was a different experience. While gorging on our delicious dosas, we discussed the unique kinds of dosas that are now available.

Burj Khalifa Dosa and Chop Suey Dosa were some of the varieties that we told Vikrant about, and he was amazed! Good food and good conversation with good people are always a treat, and this Sunday Brunch episode looked exactly like that. So, what are you waiting for? Catch the full video right away!

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