We Explored Dubai On A Luxurious Yacht With Dubai Bling’s Safa Siddiqui | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
We Explored Dubai On A Luxurious Yacht With Dubai Bling’s Safa Siddiqui | Curly Tales

If you have seen Dubai Bling, then you already know that Safa Siddiqui is the fashionista of this show. With an impeccable wardrobe and expensive taste, this stunning beauty surely left a mark in the hearts of viewers with her presence on the screen. And she recently joined Kamiya Jani for an episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch Middle East. Here is everything you need to know about her interview.

Safa Siddiqui Went On A Yacht Ride With Kamiya Jani

Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, met with Safa Siddiqui at her luxurious villa in Palm Jumeirah and the interview kicked off in her backyard. And this is exactly where she hosted her dinner party with friends in the show and had heart-to-heart conversations with a Bestie, Zeina Khoury.

The beautiful mansion literally opens to a beach and during her interview, she admitted that she is a huge Bollywood fan. As actresses, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are favourites, she also knows all the Bollywood songs! Moreover, Safa also talked about being a mother to her infant baby and how life as a full-time mom is quite demanding. After this, the interview proceeded to the Dubai Marina area where they both went on a luxurious yacht ride.

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She Talked About A Variety Of Topics

Safa Siddiqui

During the ride, they talked about a variety of topics, and she relayed a few juicy gossip from the show as well. As they indulged in a delicious meal on the yacht, Safa Siddiqui also talked about her favourite restaurants in Dubai and how she likes to visit Old Dubai for a particular Indian restaurant with her husband, Fahad Siddiqui. Moreover, she talked about her fashion line and mentioned how she cannot wear any bad clothes anymore. Doesn’t she sound exactly like how we saw her in the series? Well, she also talked about being a foodie and her love for her wardrobe in the house!

If this interview snippet sounded interesting, then don’t forget to watch the entire episode on the YouTube channel of Curly Tales ME.

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