We Explored The Blissful Hill Station Of Pachmarhi In Madhya Pradesh

by Tania Tarafdar

Pandavas took shelter in the hills of Pachmarhi. That’s how the place got its name. Pach means Five and Marhi means Shelter. Cool origin story, right? In this episode of MP ki Galliyon MP Ki Kahaaniyan, you will see how blissful and peaceful the hill station of Pachmarhi is. Listed in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its flora and fauna, Pachmarhi has a lot to boast about. From Satpura Nature Reserve, home to 17% of the country’s tiger population, to the abode of bears, Reechgarh, and Dhoopgarh, where the sun shines the brightest. This episode is all about finding oneself in the mountains, where one revisits self. A step closer to nature.