We Have Been Wearing The Travel Pillow All Wrong Reveals This TikTok Video

by Tania Tarafdar
We Have Been Wearing The Travel Pillow All Wrong Reveals This TikTok Video

Travel pillows are a quintessential part of a long flight. But if you thought that you were wearing the travel pillow right all your life, this TikTok video going viral is going to be an eye-opener. The TikTok video proves that we were sleeping wrong on our flights. In all your long-haul flights, you probably had to find the perfect position to use your travel pillow. However, the right way of wearing it is to wear it from the front and not backward.

The Closed Part Of Travel Pillow Should Be On The Front

The TikTok user @Sidneyraz shows us how to sleep a little more comfortably while we’re 36,000 feet in the air. If you own the classic C-shaped neck pillows you must be putting the closed part on the back of your neck and the open part on the front. However, according to @Sidneyraz, you’re actually supposed to do exactly the opposite. Who would have thought?

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The Travel Pillow Hack Is Going Viral

In the TikTok video, he simply wears his travel pillow the right way and rests his head on it saying that is super comfortable. The position of the pillow looks pretty comfortable since he doesn’t have to bend his head much to find a nice, spot. The truth is, there is no right or “wrong” way to use a travel pillow, but this hack looks more comfortable and a good way to prevent sore necks.

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The video is part of @Sidneyraz’s series of videos entitled “Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was In My 30’s.” He also added videos of hacks for washing dishes, squeezing lemons, and cleaning appliances. He has a few little travel hacks too on his account.