We Just Heard That Dubai’s Famous LPM Restaurant & Bar Is Opening Soon In Las Vegas!

by Anupriya Mishra

French cuisine is enjoyed by many people for the delicate techniques used to make the dishes. And one of the best places to enjoy this cuisine is in Dubai. Yes, if you are someone who lives in Dubai, you already know about LPM Restaurant & Bar enjoying a wide fan following. In fact, now this restaurant in the emirate is all set to go international and how! Dear readers, we are here to tell you about this exciting news, wherein, we just heard that LPM Restaurant & Bar is all set to open its outlet in Las Vegas.

LPM Restaurant & Bar Opening In Las Vegas

As it happens, LPM Restaurant & Bar is known for offering a wide range of classic French and Mediterranean dishes made from the finest ingredients. And now, it’s all set to expand operations to a ninth location, Las Vegas. Yes, this will be the brand’s second location in the United States after Miami. So, it’s no secret that this restaurant has been a Dubai favourite since it first opened and has been voted as a favourite by many diners. According to a report by Caterer Middle East, Las Vegas will be home to what’s touted to be the largest LPM outlet.

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This Will Be The 9th Outlet

This restaurant is known for its celebration of France’s Mediterranean cuisine, culture, and art. And it has been a favourite in Dubai for many people. In case you still didn’t know, the menu here offers a wide range of delectable dishes that are prepared with natural and fresh ingredients. Not to mention, it’s also home to some of the finest wines and exquisite cocktails. As such, it’s worth mentioning that this restaurant has outlets in Abu Dhabi, Doha, London, Miami, Hong Kong, Riyadh, and Limassol.

So, the next time you’re planning to go to Las Vegas, you might, this Dubai favourite serving toothsome dishes there! Don’t forget to share this with a fellow LPM fan!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/lpmdubai