We List Down The Best Italian Places In Delhi NCR For Those ‘Cheesy’ Nights

best italian places
by Vidisha Khaitan

Cheese is love and Italian food is soul. Delhi thrives on indulgence and this is a major one. Creamy sauces, stretchy mozzarella and Italian herbs are comfort food around here. Everybody needs a little love and we need it every day. That means great Italian everywhere! Here are the best Italian places in our favourite Dilli.

1. Olive

Picture Credits: Olive Delhi (for rep)

This tops our list of best Italian places and for good reason. The restaurant is built around a tree with strong foundations of flavour and quality. Apart from boasting of the best wood-fired pizzas, they serve Italian delicacies we’ll never find anywhere else. Forget the basic pastas, lasagnas and pizzas for something you’ve never tried before. We promise it’ll be great.

Where is it: Mehrauli

2. Big Chill

Picture Credits: pxhere (for rep)

The mark of the best Italian places is when they become their own cuisine. They have an extensive menu with literally everything anyone could possibly imagine. Their servings are huge and heavy (they’re not stingy with the cheese and butter). Their pastas are unmatched, and the grills inspired. Despite all this, the shakes win it.

Where is it: Everywhere!

3. Amalfi

best italian places

Picture Credits: pxhere (for rep)

Hidden gems can’t remain secret forever. The person who runs this place will go to any lengths to make her customers happy. It’s a beautiful quaint little terrace with three different seatings. They have great wine to go with the food. The service is truly Italian in panache. This is among the best Italian places for a romantic night with your beaux.

Where is it: M Block, GK 2

4. Artusi

Picture Credits: NDTV (for rep)

A basement that wreaks of cheese is the most enticing allure for Italian lovers. This is one of the best Italian places for an authentic experience. They’re conceptualized after the region of Emilia-Romagna obvious in the deliberate coziness. Their truffle pasta is to die for. Well, after eating you do feel like you’re in a special kind of heaven.

Where is it: M Block, GK2

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5. Roadhouse Café

best italian places

Picture Credits: pxhere (for rep)

They do food simple, easy and delicious. You will need very little help ordering because this is one of the best Italian food for favourite flavours. They have everything people expect on a dinner date and their kitchen never disappoints. They also have a beautiful bar and a terrace for smokers and lovers. You pick.

Where is it: M Block, GK 1

6. San Gimignano

Picture Credits: Olive Delhi (for rep)

Another understated gem rests silently in the heart of the city. This is one of the best Italian places and it seems like Delhi might have forgotten. You know what that means? The dreamy patio all to yourself! They procure ingredients all the way from Italy and you will taste the difference.

Where is it: Imperial Hotel

7. La Piazza

Picture Credits: needpix (for rep)

This is one of the best Italian places for your belly, not so much for your pockets. They’ve stuck to authentic country-cooking styles with a great dessert selection unique to this restaurant. Their wood oven roasted salmon is really special for those whose craving lead them in foreign lands beyond pasta and pizza.

Where is it: Hyatt Regency

8. Spago

best italian places

Picture Credits: Fshoq! blog (for rep)

We love the places that do bread baskets better than anything on the menu. It’s so fresh and smells irresistible. A drizzle of olive oil or a dip in pesto puts this restaurant on the list of the best Italian places in our Dil. They have great vegetarian food too and a surprise of Tiramisu taste buds.

Where is it: N Block, GK 1

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9. Le Cirque 

best italian places

Picture Credits: foodgypsy (for rep)

This is probably the most expensive among the best Italian places. They have five different kinds of seating areas, one of them overlooking the city in stunning panoramic view. That’s not even the best part. They have EIGHTY kinds of wines, most of them from the lap of Italia! Look nowhere else for luxury.

Where is it: The Leela Hotel, Chanakyapuri

10. Tonino

Picture Credits: NDTV

Romantic, British, Tuscany, every area here will take you to a different place. They have a great menu with many options but one of their most basic dishes won our heart. You know when you find something basic extraordinary, you know you’ve found true love. It’s the Bruschetta.

Where is it: Mehrauli

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These are the restaurants Delhi needs and deserves. However, the quest for food is never over. Let us know if you think there’s any other restaurant that’s bound to be here, and we might agree and update our library!