We Recommend You To STAY AT HOME – Team Curly Tales

by Natasha Monteiro
We Recommend You To STAY AT HOME – Team Curly Tales

Hey everyone, yes we are going to talk about that dreaded word and the one thing that everyone is talking about – Coronavirus. While we think of ourselves as experts in giving out recommendations of where to go out to eat and explore and which places to wander to, this time we are taking a minute to give you one of our most important recommendations, yet. We are recommending you to STAY AT HOME.

Celebrate #JOMO

Guys, it’s time to celebrate #JOMO, because quite literally #YOLO. Too millenial, are we? Well, JOMO literally translates to the Joy Of Missing Out and YOLO is You Only Live Once. We don’t mean to get morbid but suddenly YOLO has a whole new meaning, huh?. It’s time to encourage that amazing feeling of JOMO. Practice social isolation, stay indoors, give yourself that much-needed break and give yourself some time with family. This is honestly, a whole new world we are living in and the best way to stay safe is to practice social isolation and remain indoors.

While there are a lot of things we would rather be doing, remember that Rapunzel also met her future husband when she was quarantined! Jokes apart though, we have always said, ‘You have only one life, let’s live it up in style’. But now it’s time to protect you and the lives of your loved ones. Places are not going anywhere, the food’s not getting over and experiences are only getting better but for now, we need to put a pause button and enjoy the slow life at home with loved ones.

Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak, we suggest our fellow travelers to stay at home, spend time with family, act responsibly & isolate yourself or seek medical help if you experience any symptoms such as fever, dry cough or shortness of breath.

Stay Safe & Take care guys – Team Curly Tales