We Went For Kolkata’s Early Morning Breakfast Tour And Tried These Foods

by Tania Tarafdar

We went on a Kolkata famous early morning breakfast tour to 5 of the most prominent breakfast pitstops in the city. Whether you are an early riser or enjoy lazy Sunday Brunches like our Curly Tales team; whether you like a hearty English breakfast or a full fledged desi breakfast – we have something for everyone! Coz in the city of joy, there’s a breakfast for every budget. Below are the locations for your Kolkata famous early morning breakfast tour: ‘

1. Maharani Tea & Tiffin at Sarat Bose Road

2. Sharma Tea House at Bhawanipur

3.Flurys at Park Street

4.Prema Vilas at Lake Market

5.Bunaphile at Hindustan Park.