Wear ISI Certified Helmet While Riding Two-Wheelers In Bangalore Or Pay ₹500 Fine

by Sanjana Shenoy
Wear ISI Certified Helmet While Riding Two-Wheelers In Bangalore Or Pay ₹500 Fine

Bangaloreans! Do take into account that wearing a helmet isn’t enough to protect your head and save you from a fine. You need to don an ISI-certified helmet while riding two-wheelers in the city. The Bangalore City Traffic Police shall implement a strict ban on all helmets that don’t have the ISI mark. The aim of this initiative is to protect two-wheeler riders from fatal accidents. Read on to know more.

Wear ISI-Marked Helmets Or Pay ₹500 Fine In Bangalore

Lord Ganesha, got another head when he lost one due to an accident, but you may not be so fortunate if you don’t wear the right helmet. Remember this creative yet insightful campaign? Well, in Bangalore, you need to not just wear a helmet but don the right one, with the ISI mark. According to The Hindu report, after a month-long campaign to create awareness among Bangaloreans, the traffic police will start penalising riders for wearing sub-standard helmets or not wearing any. The fine is fixed at  ₹500.  Do keep in mind that this applies to also pillion riders.

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License May Also Get Suspended For 6-8 Weeks On Rule Violation

Apart from charging a heavy fine, the Bangalore traffic police will also impound the rider’s license and send it to the concerned RTO, urging for a suspension, which can extend between a whopping six to eight weeks. Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), B. R. Ravikanthe Gowda revealed to The Hindu that 44 per cent of motorists across 15 locations in the city wear ISI-marked helmets. Unfortunately, the rest don sub-standard helmets to avoid getting into trouble with the cops. The study also threw light on the fact that 70 per cent of billions wear helmets. So folks, if you want to avoid hurting yourself in an accident or getting charged a hefty fine, wear ISI-marked helmets while riding two-wheelers in Bangalore. Meanwhile, here’s a video of what you can do in Malleshwaram.