Wearing A Mask Not Compulsory If You Are Alone In The Car In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Wearing A Mask Not Compulsory If You Are Alone In The Car In Dubai

Ever since the temporary lockdown was lifted in Dubai, a lot of restrictions are put in place to ensure safety of residents. One of the most important rules is to wear a facemask every time you step out. Failure of doing so will lead to a fine of AED 1000. However, the rule got many residents wondering if it was applicable while driving too. Dubai Police have confirmed that if you are driving alone, you do not need to wear a mask.

What’s In It?

Dubai Police recently issued a statement that those driving alone in the car are not required to wear a facemask. However, if you have others accompanying you, wearing a mask is a must for all. Furthermore, in a recent update, more than three people are allowed to travel in a car, provided they are from the same family. In addition to the AED 1000 fine, other fines have also been introduced to tighten regulations.

All UAE residents are required to wear a mask even if they don’t show any symptoms. The Dubai Police issued 10,286 fines for failure to wear medical masks or maintain physical distance.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Traffic Department at Dubai Police said, “We issued a circular on the importance of wearing masks inside cars. Dubai Police issued warning fines to drivers who are not wearing masks while driving with other passengers as part of the precautionary measures.”

Dubai residents are now permitted to leave home between 6 am- 10 pm. However, the government has advised residents to step out only if it is absolutely necessary. Further, restaurants, bars, salons and malls are allowed to reopen with strict restrictions in place.

What Else?

Dubai RTA has now opened all driving schools in the city, with strict restrictions in place. All driving schools in Dubai were suspended on 26 March. The decision was announced in line with the government’s measures to combat coronavirus pandemic. The schools reopened on 30 April, with social distancing restrictions.

Speaking about the reopening, Emirates Driving Institute mentioned in a statement: “We will take all the necessary measures to ensure safe and highest quality of training is imparted by our trainers.”

RTA’s Safety Guidelines For Driving Schools

  1. Number of members in the school must not exceed 30%
  2. Customers must use separate entry and exit doors
  3. Centres must provide remote thermometers and avoid using ear thermometers
  4. All institutes must provide sterilization materials at different points
  5. All chairs and door handles must be disinfected
  6. Training vehicles must be sterilized after every use
  7. Cash payments must be avoided and customers must be encouraged to pay online
  8. Monitor visitors’ temperature before entering the centre
  9. All visitors and staff must wear facemask and gloves
  10. Children between 3-12 years and adults above 60 will not be permitted inside the centre
  11. Only one student is permitted in each vehicle
  12. Instructors above 60 years and pregnant women are not allowed to work
  13. Social distance on 2 meters must be practiced
  14. Mask must no be removed even during training sessions
  15. Customers must be encouraged to attend lecture lessons online