5 Weirdest Food Spelling Mistakes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bones

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Weirdest Food Spelling Mistakes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bones

It is completely true that complex spellings are very confusing. And we often end up making food spelling mistakes, especially foreign foods. A massive reason for this confusion is the pronunciation. Our pronunciation is different and this leads to confusion and spelling mistakes. Well, there is no chance of embarrassment in restaurants or in front of anyone anymore as we will get to know the weirdest food spelling mistakes we have been making for years. Continue reading for a good laugh!

1. Barbecue

We love to indulge in good smoking barbecue dishes. Our love for barbecue is immense but most of us are unaware of the correct spelling of it. As we all know that this term’s short form is BBQ, and this is the root cause of all the confusion. The short form might contain the letter ‘Q’ but it is nowhere present in the actual word.

spelling mistakes

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2. Gnocchi

There are so many English words where the first letter remains silent. The most common ones are pneumonia and tsunamis. Similarly, when it comes to food spelling mistakes, we often spell the word ‘gnocchi’ wrong. While pronouncing it, we do not utter the first letter ‘G’ and this is the primary reason for confusion and spelling mistakes.

spelling mistakes

3. Cappuccino

These Italian words are really confusing and misspelling them is nothing out of the blue. We love a hot cup of cappuccino, but most of us spell the name wrong. Will it be ‘2 p’s or ‘2 c’s, the puzzlement is crazy. Well, the correct spelling is ‘Cappuccino’.

spelling mistakes

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4. Frittata

Another great example of often misspelled Italian food and common spelling mistakes is ‘Frittata’. The confusion with spelling this term is how many T’s should be added. Well, it is certain that it is a puzzle for most of us. The actual spelling is ‘Frittata’.

spelling mistakes

5. Worcestershire Sauce

This food name mentioned here is scary indeed. It seems like a juggling of letters and we do not seem to spell it perfectly the first time. It is surely one of the most common spelling mistakes we make. The pronunciation of this sauce is somewhat like ‘vu-stuh-shuh’ and this often confuses most people. The correct spelling is ‘Worcestershire Sauce’.

These are some of the funniest and weirdest food spelling mistakes that we often make. Well, there are no chances of mistakes anymore as we have cleared up all the confusion related to these food items.