‘Welcome To Scotland’, Result Of A 12,5000 Pound Research

by Madhusree Chatragadda
‘Welcome To Scotland’, Result Of A 12,5000 Pound Research

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Tourism has benefited many countries in the world and to raise this very falling event, Scotland found a solution.

What Happened?

In 2007, Scotland changed its earlier slogan,’Best small country in the world‘ to ‘Welcome to Scotland’. For 125000 pounds. We kid you not.

Credits: Visit Scotland

Then Prime Minister Alex Salmond disliked the previous slogan very much. Needless to say, the Scots were very happy with this minute change in slogans!

What’s More?

The slogan was to show Scotland’s modernity , vibrancy and success through it’s ‘simplicity’. They did not want to retort to ‘flashy slogans’.

Credits: CIPD Scotland

However, Jackie Baillie, Labour MSP, had said, “If ‘Welcome to Scotland’ is the best Alex Salmond’s government can come up with, it shows the SNP have had an imagination bypass. It sounds more like a road sign at Berwick than it does a must-do invitation to visit our country.” The slogan was backed by other important personalities though and seems to have worked for now,  recent studies claim at 3.4 billion visited Scotland from overseas in 2018!

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