West Bengal Farmers Converted This Battered Village Into A Stunning Tourist Destination

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
West Bengal Farmers Converted This Battered Village Into A Stunning Tourist Destination

All of you must have heard of the proverb, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’ You must have heard it from your teachers or parents but some farmers from West Bengal proved it. Bortir Bil is a vast wetland in West Bengal that once was a battered village and now has been converted into a stunning tourist destination. The place looks like a dive into paradise and is simply more than just beautiful.

Bortir Bil: A Paradise In West Bengal

The huge wetlands of Bortir Bil are a little over an hour’s drive from the centre of Kolkata, West Bengal. This lovely place lies between the cities of Barasat and Barrackpore in the North 24 Parganas district. The last two years have seen a good inflow of tourists which has helped farmers earn by offering boat rides for ₹100. The life of these farmers of West Bengal two years back was not the same. Their jute cultivation and other farming activities were severely hampered by calamities brought on by climate change, such as cyclones, heavy rainfall, or, on the other hand, low and late rainfall. The farmers did not lose hope and converted the place into a beautiful destination.

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The Struggle Paid Off Well

They now travel by boat over the farms that provided food for the farmers’ families in the past but are now submerged for a longer period. Though these natural calamities destroyed their otherwise livelihood, now through boat rides they earn better than what they used to earn earlier. Tourism has acted as a boon to the place and the farmers of West Bengal. This story is nothing less than a success story where the farmers fought the calamities and now are a part of this blissful place. Bortir Bil is simply beautiful and you must visit at least once in your lifetime and witness the beauty.

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