What Is A Carbon Passport And How Can It Change Travel Experiences In The Future?

A new concept of carbon passport in the travel industry is making the headlines. What is this unique kind of passport?

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is A Carbon Passport And How Can It Change Travel Experiences In The Future?

The travel sector and tourists’ travel experiences have been seeing a shift in the past few years. It is also expected that more transitions might be seen in the future. Sustainable travel is slowly emerging to be a BIG thing in the industry and many travellers are becoming conscious of their choices and opting for sustainable travel choices as well. Given this, a new concept of ‘carbon passport’ is becoming the talk of the town.

What Do You Mean By Carbon Passport?

Carbon Passport
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We are aware of the harsh impact of carbon dioxide emission on the atmosphere and how it is majorly responsible for climate change, global warming, and an overall spike in global temperature. The tourism sector negatively contributes to carbon dioxide emissions to a huge extent. The introduction of the carbon passport has been making headlines recently as it is expected that this system can help in controlling the humongous greenhouse gas emissions and benefit the deteriorating nature to some extent.

Looks like there might be a solution to this never-ending issue of an increase in greenhouse gas emissions due to different modes of transportation. Intrepid, an Australian travel company, recently released the fascinating idea of carrying a carbon passport. The Future Laboratory did a report in October that focuses on the plan to control the carbon emissions of travellers visiting different places all around the year.

The one-of-a-kind concept focuses on the idea of allowing all travellers a limited amount of personal carbon allowance, shared Alex Hawkins, The Future Laboratory editor. The primary proposal is to provide a definite carbon allowance for everyone and no one can go beyond that number. It is similar to limiting travellers’ carbon emissions from travelling on flights for a year or a specific time. Intrepid suggested that people should start using a carbon passport by the year 2040. It is considered to be a significant step for the travel sector to regulate in a time of climate crisis.

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But Is It Actually A Feasible Idea?

Carbon Passport
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The idea to introduce carbon passports is not a recent innovation. The UK Parliament talked about a plan “Personal Carbon Trading” that is quite close to this concept of the October report, according to a report by Business Insider. But now Intrepid has added something new and changed the concept to some extent where people with carbon passports will have an allowance of carbon emissions. With this, travellers will be able to keep an eye on emissions and control their movement accordingly.

Though the concept looks quite interesting and a unique idea to fight the battle against greenhouse gas emissions, does this look like an effective idea for people everywhere? The entire practical process of implementing a carbon passport, creating rules, and including technology has the chance to face many challenges. One of the hardest steps will be taking it all around the world. It is high time that each and everyone starts making correct choices to protect the world. Else, the future looks scary.

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What are your views on the idea of carbon passports? Do you see this concept becoming familiar in the upcoming decades?

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