What Is Dune Bashing And Where Can You Try It In UAE

by Deeplata Garde
What Is Dune Bashing And Where Can You Try It In UAE

UAE is like a magnet that attracts people who love dipping their toes in the sand. Be it beaches or dunes, UAE will provide you with all the sand you need. One such activity to try in sands is dune bashing. UAE’s current development on all forefront is appreciable. But a part of it still remains to be the desert land it was before. So take that advantage and plan your Dune-bashing plans asap!

What Is Dune Bashing?

In essence, dune bashing is an off-roading activity performed on sand dunes. The basic requirement is of large 4X4 cars like the Toyota Land Cruiser or FortunerIt simply entails driving at different speeds over sand dunes. You need to rumble and tumble on the sand while controlling the automobile. It’s crucial to maintain its equilibrium travelling up and down the hill. Dune bashing is an exhilarating and adrenaline-inducing activity. But that requires the utmost caution and safety. The SUVs used for this adventure activity are typically equipped with safety equipment, such as roll cages, and the tire pressure is drastically decreased to provide optimal grip against flowing sand.

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Spots To Go Dune Bashing In UAE

1. Al Awir, Dubai

If you want to try something different, select a dune buggy adventure or upgrade your ticket to add an extended dune bashing. When at Al Awir, choose a quad bike desert safari with dune bashing. You will have the provision of pick up and drop in an air-conditioned car that’s included in a ticket.
Price-AED 218.74

Dune Bashing
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2. Al Lahbab Desert

To ensure hassle-free transportation, use transfers to go to and from the dese

Dune Bashing
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rt. If you want some independent fun, choose the quad biking pass option!  Enjoy a red dune safari and try your hand at sandboarding while enjoying a dune-bashing experience.
Price-AED 276

3. Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali) Desert

The largest sand dunes in the world, Empty Quarter Desert, is where you’ll find a memory to last a lifetime. The highlight of the tour is riding camels and sandboarding through sand dunes. You can indulge in these activities here from January to May and September to December every year.
Price-AED 882.85

Dune Bashing
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4. Al Khaznah

Al Ain Road is easily accessible for The Desert Rose Bedouin Desert Camp. It is only 85 kilometres from Abu Dhabi International Airport. The Desert Rose Bedouin Desert Camp, is located between the metropolis of Abu Dhabi and the capital’s lush garden city of Al Ain. It offers the utmost luxury desert camping.
Price-AED 433

Dune Bashing
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All the above-mentioned packages include pick-up and drop, food and certain entertainment activities apart from the Dune bashing.

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