What Is Ponk, The Gujarati Snack That Has Wowed The Internet With 13M Views In Viral Video?

Ponk, an underrated Gujarati winter snack is basking in the limelight thanks to a viral reel.

by Sanjana Shenoy
What Is Ponk, The Gujarati Snack That Has Wowed The Internet With 13M Views In Viral Video?

Trust social media to keep foodies intrigued with fascinating food videos and informed with recipe reels and more. This time, a viral reel has opened the eyes of food enthusiasts to Gujarat’s best-kept winter secret— Ponk. This Gujarati snack is basking in the limelight after Netizens discovered it thanks to a video that went viral with 13 million views. Here’s more about it.

Viral Video Of Ponk Creates Awareness About Gujarat’s Best-Kept Winter Secret

Shruti, a Vadodara-based travel and food vlogger shared a BTS reel of street food vendors preparing Ponk in Gujarat. The reel shared on @hungryshruu introduces Instagrammers to this underrated Gujarati delicacy. In this video, a few vendors sitting in a field hold stems of sorghum plants in their hands. One of the workers rubs the stems in hot sand like he is roasting them. Then, the roasted sorghum stems are placed in plastic bags and beaten with sticks.

As the jowar grains fall off the stems, a woman is seen collecting and passing these through a utensil to strain them. The peels and sand are separated from the grains. The green-coloured grains are then poured into a steel bowl. And then, crispy sev, green chutney and other seasonings are added and it’s a good mix. The dish is finished with a garnishing of sev and the Gujarati snack, Ponk is ready!

Netizens were enamoured with this unique dish that goes beyond the staples of khakra, dhokla, thepla and farsan. Maharashtrian Netizens identified it as “Hurda” in Marathi. Another Netizen said that apart from Gujarat and Maharashtra, a variation of this dish is also found in the Solapur district of Karnataka where a “Hurda” party is actually thrown for this dish in the fields.

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What’s Special About This Dish?

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Meanwhile, if you’re curious to know what’s Ponk all about, then let’s tell you. Ponk is actually the fresh tiny green Jowar grains which is harvested during the winter months from December to February. Ponka grains are either cooked or roasted before consumption. They are tender, juicy and even crunchy in texture. This seasonal Gujarati dish made with sorghum grains and sev has many health benefits. The complex carbs in Ponk are known to regulate insulin levels and soothe diabetics. It’s also packed with antioxidants and proteins which aids weight loss.

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So, folks, are you looking forward to gorging on a plate of Ponk in Gujarat?

Cover Image Courtesy: @hungryshruu/ Instagram

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