What Is This New Workplace Trend ‘Coffee Badging’ All About? Why Is It Going Viral?

Coffee badging is a new office trend and employees seem to enjoy the workplace culture of chatting with colleagues and sipping coffee.

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is This New Workplace Trend ‘Coffee Badging’ All About? Why Is It Going Viral?

Employees have finally started returning to physical offices after a long time of working from home. In between people rushing to offices to getting frustrated with work, new office terms and trends are coming to our attention. The newest trend of the workplace is Coffee Badging and it is not just about sipping on a cuppa joe. Instead, it has a lot more to do with symbolising the employees while being inside the office spaces. Well, what is coffee badging all about and why is it becoming the talk of the town? Let’s get to know all about this latest office trend.

Coffee Badging; A New Office Trend That Bosses Seem To Hate

Coffee Badging
Picture credit- Canva

Now that employees have started working in offices, everyone is getting planned about how they are spending time during the working hours. Presenting yourself and marking your presence in a workplace is so important for every individual and this is where coffee badging comes into action. Remember how teachers and professors took our attendance back in schools and colleges? This new office trend is a similar way of letting others know about your attendance and presence in the office.

It is true that people are facing some issues lately due to the post-COVID challenges and now this creative trend is getting massively viral in the corporate world as it is surely a dose of fun, innovation, and something unique. Following the return to the office, professionals are now spending time socialising, talking with colleagues, and building interpersonal connections by engaging in coffee breaks. Interestingly, coffee badging shows how employees are coming to the office, chatting over a cup of coffee, symbolising their attendance, and then simply leaving.

The concept of this workplace trend is more about establishing a physical presence in the office. The interesting part is that they leave the office after they are done socialising. You must be wondering then who does all the work and what about their responsibilities and contributions. Well, let’s take a look at that aspect as well.

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Why Is It Becoming So Viral Among Employees?

Coffee Badging
Picture credit- Canva

In this trending corporate world culture, workers are coming to the office to mark their presence and then return home to work, according to a report by Forbes. Many employees do not wish to return to the proper ‘work from office culture’. Most people are not interested in spending money on commuting and waste time in between. Frank Weishaupt, the Owl Labs CEO, stated how workers wish to join video calls and meetings from their homes instead of doing the same inside office spaces.

This is a push towards workplace flexibility, especially after the transition to returning to the office. The idea of coffee badging is getting massive recognition and becoming famous among employees in different places. Though bosses do not like the idea, employees seem to enjoy it.

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Do you enjoy going to your office every day or you are in favour of WFH? Let us know your thoughts on coffee badging.

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