What Kids Have To Say About The Lockdown

by Jinal Inamdar
What Kids Have To Say About The Lockdown

The lockdown period can be as hard on kids as on the rest of us, as they are restricted from going outdoors and meeting their friends or from attending school. But their spirit and coping mechanism has got something for us to learn from.

What Do Kids Have To Say About The Lockdown?

We asked a few kids what they had to say about the lockdown and here’s what they had to say:

Do You Know What Coronvirus Is?

The kids mentioned that these are little germs that can cause one to get hospitalized upon entering the body. A couple just knew that it is a harmful virus, but were aware.

What Precautions Should You Take?

All the kids mentioned about how they wash their hands and even sanitize all their toys.

What Is A Lockdown? 

Some kids said that lockdown meant staying home, not going to school, while a couple said that a lockdown meant getting to play more with their parents, who were home too.

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How Are You Feeling? Are You Enjoying?

The kids were mostly happy because they didn’t have to go to school and they had their parents to play with.

Do You Miss School?

However, the kids miss seeing their friends at school the most.

What Is The Best Part About The Lockdown?

The best part for the kids was that they can wake up late, stay home all day and play much more than they could before. A couple were upset about not seeing their friends but happy to be home.

Well, if the little ones can be so patient and understanding of the situation, expecting the same from us adults isn’t a big ask!

Stay home, stay safe.

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