What’s Going On With IndiGo Flight Delays & On Flight Is Sad, But Netizens With Memes Lighten Mood

Memers are making crazy memes following the viral incidents of IndiGo flight delays.

by Shreya Ghosh
What’s Going On With IndiGo Flight Delays & On Flight Is Sad, But Netizens With Memes Lighten Mood

IndiGo is probably going through one of the harshest phases ever since its inauguration. The airline has been making headlines recently for mostly non-so-expected reasons and videos of all these unfortunate incidents are going viral, impacting its reputation. In the past few days, a lot of things have taken place concerning IndiGo and this triggered a meme fest among social media users.

IndiGo Passengers Ate Dinner On The Tarmac

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) shared footage of IndiGo passengers at the Mumbai airport’s tarmac.

The incident of frustrated flyers sitting on the tarmac and having dinner has shocked the aviation industry. According to reports, a flight bound for Delhi took off after about 12 hours of the scheduled time from Goa. Well, the delay was not the only misery. The plane did not land at Delhi, instead, it diverted and departed at Mumbai. Angry passengers collected food and sat right on the tarmac near the parked flight.

Clips from this incident started going viral on the Internet and more and more Netizens began slamming IndiGo for their services and inconveniences caused to the passengers. People began pointing out the faults in the airline’s facilities and criticised them for all these miserable experiences.

Evgenia Belskaia (@evgeniabelskaia) shared the viral video of an unruly passenger attacking a pilot.


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A post shared by Evgenia Belskaia (@evgeniabelskaia)

Just a couple of days ago, another video went viral where a passenger can be seen hitting the co-pilot. The man physically assaulted the co-pilot when he was announcing something about the flight delay. The IndiGo plane was bound to Goa from Delhi and delayed by about 13 hours. While the pilot was announcing, the passenger attacked him. He was later handed over to the authorities, got arrested, and was bailed as well.

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This Is How Netizens Are Reacting

In the past few days, many IndiGo flights did not take off on time and were delayed by hours. With all these flight disruptions and inconveniencies for the passengers, people started sharing their experiences on social media. Memers began making memes on these incidents and looks like Netizens are having a good laugh seeing these.

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Have you ever had to face a flight delay while flying with IndiGo or any other airline?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, X (formerly Twitter)/ SwatKat💃 (@swatic12)

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