6 White Sand River Beaches In Rishikesh That Will Make You Forget Bali

by Suchismita Pal
6 White Sand River Beaches In Rishikesh That Will Make You Forget Bali

Rishikesh has some undiscovered treasures in store for those who have a thirst for offbeat locations. Many popular hotspots of Rishikesh have become highly commercialised and they get thick crowds all around the year. But Rishikesh is also home to some virgin white sand beaches that can make you forget international destinations like Bali. These secluded beaches are surrounded by lush green mountains. In these places, the waters of the river Ganga are immaculate and the waves are stronger. So, which are the 5 most beautiful white sand beaches in Rishikesh? Below is the list.

1. Vashisth Gufa Beach

Vashisth Gufa is one of the most unique places in India that will help you experience a magnetic connection with the spiritual world. A short and smooth trek from the road will lead you to the cave. The cave lies inside a temple and meditating here can make one feel strong celestial energy. A shiva lingam is worshipped inside the heavenly cave. Right beside the temple, a path leads to an expansive pebbled beach blanketed with white sands. The Arundhati Gufa also lies on this beach.


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2. Kaudiyala Beach

Around 40 kilometres away from the centre of Rishikesh, lies the village of Kaudiyala. And here lies this idyllic white sand beach. River rafting and night camps are also organised at the site. Thus, it is one of the perfect places to experience natural beauty with adventure.

3. Beach Near Sherpa Camps Rishikesh

This is an extreme location in the cradle of nature. Sherpa Adventure Camps and Cottages is around 40 kilometres away from Rishikesh. One needs to trek down for around 600 metres from the hoarding of the campsite on the main road ( near Taj Rishikesh) to reach the beach. A flight of stairs on the cragged paths will lead you to the magical beach.


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4. Neem Beach

It is known as the last point of river rafting in Rishikesh. The white sand beach is an amazing place to catch dreamy sunrises over the mountains. The beach is located near Rishikesh’s famous Aloha on the Ganges resort. This beach can also be accessed by cars.

5. Unnamed Beach Near Laxman Jhula

The location of this secret beach was unveiled by Hub of Yoga and it can be reached only by trekking through a challenging path. You won’t probably see anyone other than your companions when you reach this profoundly isolated beach. The place can be reached by crossing Laxman Jhula from Tapovan. To get the detailed location of the beach, click here.


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6. Goa Beach

It is said that this beach resembles the terrains of Goa and hence has got its name. It is also a gorgeous white sand beach and is a popular picnic zone. Thus, the beach remains partially crowded. Having said that, its scenic excellence is unparalleled.