Why Is The US Temporarily Banning Green Cards For Nurses? Here’s The Reason

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Why Is The US Temporarily Banning Green Cards For Nurses? Here’s The Reason

You all must have come across the news that the United States has imposed a ban on green cards for nurses. Well, though this ban is temporary, it does have its effects. But do you know why this ban is levied?

The US Temporarily Bans Green Cards For Nurses

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The United States has currently paused green cards for nurses. It has been stated that the move is temporary. Additionally, this year they will not accept any EB-3 petitions for international nurses. The reason behind this decision this year is an administrative backlog.

The applicants who will be considered eligible for visa interviews will be the ones who submitted their requests by June 1, last year. 

Three types of foreign workers are eligible to travel to the US permanently and also work there with the EB-3 visa. The EB-3 (Third Priority Worker) visa permits professionals, skilled workers, and unskilled workers with less than two years of training or experience. 

The EB-3 visas are actually limited. They comprise 28.6 percent, which is only 40,040 of the total 140,000 immigrant visas. This is the number of annual visas issued for the employment category. (As per Money Control)

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A Similar One Happened In April

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Earlier this year, the United States had imposed a similar ban with a temporary pause on green cards for nurses. This had affected a thousand foreign healthcare workers in the States.

The State Department had also mentioned that it would not accept any EB-3 visa petitions and would consider only those submitted by June 1 last year. 

Eric Wallis, senior vice president and chief nursing officer of Henry Ford Health in Detroit, said that such a decision might make the nurses who have committed to work at US hospitals a bit impatient. The result of the same might lead to searching for and switching jobs at other places.  (As per visaguide.world)

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