“Thank You For Making India Proud,” ISRO Chief Dr. S Somnath Receives Warm Welcome On IndiGo Flight

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
“Thank You For Making India Proud,” ISRO Chief Dr. S Somnath Receives Warm Welcome On IndiGo Flight

Every Indian’s heart was filled with pride, and their eyes were filled with happy tears after Chandrayaan-3 successfully made a soft landing on the moon. ISRO (Indian Science Research Organisation) had created history that day. The moment ISRO chief Dr. S. Somnath shared the news in a press conference with the world, our hearts beamed with pride. Recently, Dr. S Somnath received a warm welcome on an IndiGo flight. Here’s how!

ISRO Chief Dr. S. Somnath Receives Warm Welcome


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ISRO chairman Dr. S Somnath boarded an IndiGo flight recently. He was surprised with a very warm welcome by the crew of the airline.

This exceptionally heartwarming moment was captured and posted by IndiGo’s air hostess, Pooja Shah, on her Instagram account. The video begins with Pooja announcing Dr. S. Somnath’s presence on the flight through the aircraft’s PA system. Her voice could be felt brimming with pride as she announced this and introduced him to the passengers on board. 

She requested that everyone give a huge round of applause for the ISRO chairman and his entire team for their efforts, dedication, and perseverance. It is these three qualities that led to the remarkable success of Chandrayaan-3. 

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A Sweet Gesture

Credits: @freebird_pooja/Instagram

As the video proceeds, another air hostess offers a tray of beverages and food items to the ISRO chairman with a small note. He gracefully accepts them and also thanks them in return for this sweet and heartwarming gesture. 

The passengers loudly applauded the ISRO chief and his team. The video concluded with Pooja sharing pictures with the chief. 

The video posted on Instagram by @freebird_pooja has by far garnered over 305K views and over 44,906 likes. The comments section is filled with hearts and happy emojis. Some also praised the crew for their sweet gesture towards Dr. S. Somnath. 

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