Why Were Angry Spanish Locals Spraying Water At Tourists Dining In Barcelona?

Thousands of locals have been demonstrating against mass tourism in Barcelona, Spain and took a drastic step of spraying water at tourists.

by Tashika Tyagi
Why Were Angry Spanish Locals Spraying Water At Tourists Dining In Barcelona?

Barcelona is known for its cultural and scenic beauty. That’s why thousands of tourists flock to this city every year to enjoy the local food, beautiful beaches, and all the good things it has to offer. However, the growing tourism in the city has angered the locals there. More than 2,800 Spanish locals took to the streets of Barcelona over the weekend to protest against mass tourism. During the protests, many protesters even used water pistols to spray foreigners eating outdoors at popular tourist restaurants in the Las Ramblas district.

Locals Protest In Barcelona By Spraying Water On Tourists

mass tourism Barcelona
Image Courtesy: X/@levelsio & X/RichMatousek

Locals in Barcelona were protesting against the growing number of tourists in the city over the weekend. With slogans like “Tourists Go Home” and “Enough! Let’s put limits on tourism,” they marched along a waterfront in Barcelona and demanded a new economic model to reduce tourism in the city. During this, tourists in Barcelona were caught in the crossfire. Many protestors targeted tourists dining in the city’s popular Las Ramblas district and sprayed them with water guns.

mass tourism Barcelona
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Videos and photos emerging on social media show how the holidaymakers had to leave their tables and rush out of the restaurant to protect themselves from the water sprays. As per an NDTV report, the local police said that around 2,800 people were part of the protests that took place over the weekend. The locals were chanting “Tourists Go Home” during the entire episode. This has brought to light the growing issue of mass tourism in the city and how angry the locals are about the whole issue.

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What Is Mass Tourism & Why Are Spanish Locals Protesting?

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Mass tourism or overtourism happens when large numbers of people visit the same place at the same time. Over the last few months, Japan has been one of the biggest victims of mass tourism and it looks like Barcelona, Spain is facing a similar issue. According to local authorities in Barcelona, the city received more than 12 million tourists last year, which is a cause of concern for the locals.

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Spanish locals are demanding actions against mass tourism from the authorities in the city. According to them, Barcelona’s rising cost of housing, which has gone up 68% in the past decade, is one of the main reasons for this protest, NDTV reported. They also listed the effects of tourism on local commerce and working conditions in the city that is home to 1.6 million Spanish people as reasons for the protest.

We understand how disheartening it can be to see your city not being respected by tourists. However, does that justify throwing water at them? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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