Wildlife Photographer Mithun Shares His Encounter With The Black Panther At Kabini | Travel Tales Ep 23 | Curly Tales

by Tonakshi Kalra 242023
Wildlife photography is interesting but very challenging, that’s what we all think, right? Well, Nat Geo ‘Black Panther’ show fame wildlife photographer Mithun Hunugund doesn’t feel that way. This 31 year old photographer has literally lived his life into the jungles clicking various wild & beautiful creatures. This man became an internet sensation after doing a photo-show called ‘The Real Black Panther’ with Nat Geo. He clicked the black panther ‘Saaya’ with his mate and leopardess ‘Cleopatra’ and now calls them an ‘Eternal Couple’. Watch the video to see this young photographer’s journey into the wild!