With 76 Private Villas & More; A New & Luxe Eco-Resort To Open In Saudi Arabia’s AlUla In 2027!

Azulik AlUla
by Anupriya Mishra

Can you imagine yourself waking up at a luxurious eco-resort overlooking a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site? If the answer is yes, then very soon, you will be able to realise this dream, as the Royal Commission for AlUla has unveiled its plans for Azulik AlUla Resort in Saudi Arabia. This will be a new eco-luxury hotel that has plans to fling its doors open for guests in 2027. Here’s everything you need to know about this magnificent project.

Azulik AlUla Resort Expected To Open In 2027

Azulik is a Mexican luxury brand that has its resort in Tulum. And now, they are expanding to AlUla. Yes, situated in the Nabataean Horizon District, Azulik AlUla Resort will be set amidst the ancient city’s canyons. As it happens, the Royal Commission for AlUl also took to their Twitter account to announce this upcoming leisurely hotel. According to the Twitter post, this resort will be located near the AlMutadil Equestrian Village. Moreover, it also mentioned that sustainability will be at the resort’s core, which will include the preservation of heritage, conservation of the natural environment, and even the promotion of a sustainable economy in the region.

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The Resort Will Ft. 76 Private Villas, VIP Club & More

Azulik AlUla

Pic credits: Twitter/RCU_SA

Coming to the resort, it will feature 76 private villas, a VIP club, international restaurants & cafes, a spa, luxury guest houses, and even an art museum. According to a report by the National News, the Sfer Ik Museum is expected to be a nature-inspired, contemporary art space. As a result, guests will be able to take in world-class art amidst the beautiful natural surrounding. The region’s natural surroundings and astounding biodiversity serve as an inspiration for the design of Azulik AlUla. As such, it’s worth mentioning that an all-electric mobility system will be provided. In fact, there will be no private vehicle traffic on the property! This is being done to protect the surrounding environment.

Doesn’t it sound awe-inspiring? Well, we can already imagine how stunning this property is going to be once it’s completed. So, stay tuned to the space for more updates regarding this project.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/RCU_SA