With Diwali Nearing, Poor Soan Papdi Is Bearing The Brunt Of Being A Meme Figure! Leave It Alone!

by Shreya Rathod
With Diwali Nearing, Poor Soan Papdi Is Bearing The Brunt Of Being A Meme Figure! Leave It Alone!

Diwali 2023 is quickly approaching, and planning is already underway. During this festive season, everyone exchanges gifts with their loved ones. In fact, people invest a great deal of effort and money to find the perfect gift! However, there are chances that you will get a box of mithai for Diwali. There are countless possibilities for mithai, and fusion desserts are now rivalling classic ones in popularity. But soan papdi is undoubtedly going to be on the list of the most popular Diwali sweets. And prior to the festival, it is bearing the brunt of becoming a meme figure!

Soan Papdi, A Popular Diwali Mithai

soan papdi diwali mithai
Credits: Canva

Although the origins of soan papdi, also known as sohan papdi, are unknown, Maharashtra in western India is thought to be the place. It has a crisp and flaky texture and is typically served as flakes or in the shape of a cube. It was once offered loose in rolled paper cones, but because of modern industrial manufacture, it is now sold as securely packed cubes.

Soan papdi is an easy-to-make, delicious recipe that you can make at home with little effort. This sweet treat is actually far superior to fried and sugar-coated sweet treats. Making it at home just increases the flavour profile by using ingredients of your choosing and adjusting the amount to suit your needs.

There are fans and sceptics of this finely layered sweet delight. However, it also has the regrettable reputation of being unwelcome. Because of this, individuals frequently give it away rather than eating it themselves. There is a fan following for this subject. Social media users are taking to the internet in droves to share their opinions on the soan papdi versus kaju katli argument as Diwali draws near. Many have made clever remarks and memes on soan papdi’s standing among mithai.

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The Mithai Is Bearing The Brunt Of Being A Meme Figure!

On X (formerly known as Twitter), several users have shared their opinions and memes related to Soan Papdi. Here’s a compilation:

The post by Flipkart states, ‘You’re a kaju katli, don’t let anyone treat you like a soan papdi and pass you around!’ The post was accompanied by a pic of a Diwali banner which asks you to never trust anyone who passes around soan papdi, even if it was to unlock Diwali deals.

Another user writes, ‘I like soan papdi, will society accept me?’

A user shares a post that is a reminder for everyone to not send soan papdi this year for Diwali.

However, a user disclosed his love for soan papdi and wrote that he is not at all embarrassed to admit it.

Praveen Angusamy IFS also shared a post on X stating, ‘With Diwali rapidly coming, I humbly ask individuals who want to purchase confections for their friends and family. Please don’t pick Soan Papdi unless you have personal grudges against someone if you have to select amongst other mithais.’

Another user and a memer shared the satellite view of India during Diwali and it was full of soan papdi!

Here are some of the other posts and memes:

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In conclusion, soan papdi, just like any other sweet, is a tasty, light and flavouful delicacy. There are people who love eating this delight and their taste shouldn’t be judged. In fact, the soan papdi boxes are recycled as everyone passes on the same box they have received! Comment below and tell us if you also fear receiving soan papdi this Diwali.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Flipkart/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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