With Pomp, Fervour & Devotion, Inside This Year’s Feast Of St. Anthony In Goa

by Tejashee Kashyap
With Pomp, Fervour & Devotion, Inside This Year’s Feast Of St. Anthony In Goa

Goa has a rich Christian history, and there are several saints and prominent figures associated with the region.  One is St. Anthony of Padua who is venerated worldwide, and his feast day on June 13 is celebrated with great devotion. His legacy endures through the countless lives he touched and the profound impact he had on the spiritual and social landscape of his time. There is a deep-rooted bond between Goans and this saint. And yesterday on June 13, the annual feast of St. Anthony was joyously celebrated across Goa.

Celebration Of The Feast of St. Anthony In Goa

The Feast of St. Anthony is marked with great devotion and enthusiasm, particularly in places where he is highly venerated. In his hometown of Padua, Italy, the feast holds immense significance. The Feast is not limited to Padua alone. It is celebrated in various countries and regions where devotion to the saint is strong. In these places, local customs and traditions are incorporated into the festivities, adding a unique flavour to the celebrations.

Numerous followers flock to this yearly feast in Goa. The feast is held on June 13, the anniversary of St. Anthony’s passing. Fr. Amandio Valadaries served as the primary celebrant at the Holy Spirit Church in Margao for the St. Anthony celebration. The celebrations were not limited to Margao; Ambora and other parts of Goa also observed the feast of St. Anthony.

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This Celebration Is Regarded By Many Devotees All-Around

One of the distinctive features of the Feast of St. Anthony is the distribution of blessed bread, known as “St. Anthony’s Bread.” It is a tradition rooted in a miraculous event associated with the saint.

One of St. Anthony’s notable attributes was his reputation as the “finder of lost things.” According to popular belief, when a valuable item or possession went missing, people would seek St. Anthony’s intercession through prayer. It is said that many experienced the miraculous recovery of their lost belongings after invoking his aid. This belief persists to this day, and St. Anthony is frequently invoked by those seeking help in finding lost items.

Whether through acts of charity, prayers for lost things, or simply honouring his memory, this is a very prominent event in Goa and beyond.