With Rome Infested With Hornets, Here’s What You Can Do To Stay Safe On Your Next Roman Holiday

by Shreya Ghosh
With Rome Infested With Hornets, Here’s What You Can Do To Stay Safe On Your Next Roman Holiday

The weeks of the fall season might look like a perfect time to take a dreamy vacation to Rome, but the condition is quite the opposite of all our expectations. Imagine taking a walk while witnessing the rich cultural establishments in Rome and suddenly you get bitten by a scary hornet. The Italian capital is currently taken over by hornets, creating major problems for both locals and tourists. Simply walking around without getting disturbed by this insect seems like a major expectation right now.

Why Is Rome Infested With Hornets All Of A Sudden?

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It has been some time since these scary insects began troubling people in Rome. The capital city is currently facing tremendous issues due to the sudden attack of hornets and unfortunately, these are big in size and cause terrible pain if bitten. It’s of no avail if someone tries to kill them. First, they are too strong and they bite in return. A man in Rome had to start walking with crutches after a hornet bit his leg, according to a report by The Guardian.

The hornets roaming around Rome are known as Vespa orientalis. You can see swarms of these insects usually in Central Asia, Northeast Africa, the island of Madagascar, the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and some places in Southern Europe. In the present moment, you will find these in a large number in Rome as well as they began infesting the entire city.

Back in the year 2021, the first few of these hornets were seen in the Monteverde district, according to a report by WION. Interestingly, before 2021, the people of Rome sighted these hornets long back in the 1950s. With time, the number has only increased all around the city. These are not creating problems just by biting people. In fact, this type of hornet makes nests in popular heritage establishments, on building windows, and more such places. As days pass, their numbers and consequences are seeing a spike as well.

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Here’s What You Can Do To Stay Safe In Rome Right Now

According to the WION report, no such prominent official steps have been taken to deal with the horrible issue of the increase in the number of hornets in the city. With the unwanted rise of these terrifying insects and their nests in many places, locals are in search of skilled people who can help break the nests. Several reports are stating how hornets are building nests anywhere and everywhere possible from walls of buildings to windows to more such spots.

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As there are no official solutions to the issue yet, you need to be extremely careful while exploring Rome. Stay away from places that are a bit dirty. Also, wear full-sleeved and protective outfits so that hornets do not get the chance to bite directly on your skin. Also, make sure you close the doors and windows of your rooms so that these insects cannot enter inside.

If you have plans to travel to Rome in the next few days, stay very safe and travel cautiously.

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