With Strawberries & Hibiscus, There’s A New Pink Gin Called Punk

A trailblazer in the Indian gin scene

by Tejashee Kashyap
With Strawberries & Hibiscus, There’s A New Pink Gin Called Punk

Gin has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. This revolution in the world of spirits has seen traditional notions of gin-making challenged. The resurgence of gin in India can be attributed to a confluence of factors. Taking all these into consideration, Nao Spirits announces the release of their fourth limited edition gin, called Punk Gin.

New Gin In The Market


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A trailblazer in the Indian gin scene, Nao Spirits, the company behind Greater Than and Hapusa have garnered international acclaim. They release a new limited-edition gin every year, each with a distinctive flavour, a special backstory, and only fresh ingredients. Their newest release, Punk Gin is a kind of pink gin that is said to be disruptive because it defies every convention set by manufacturers of commercial gins.

Because the distillers wanted to remain true to their craft, they didn’t use any artificial sweeteners, colours, or flavours when crafting Punk Gin. Rather, they have only utilized the freshest strawberries, hand-selected from Mahabaleshwar, the popular strawberry destination in India.

After being cleaned and cut, the strawberries are macerated for 48 hours in a vat of their traditional London Dry Gin. Not only that, but they also incorporate a small amount of dried hibiscus blossoms into the gin to impart some brightness and acidity. The end product is a deliciously fresh champagne-pink gin, the ideal to complement the summers. The gin has a crisp, colourful strawberry taste with a hint of lemon peel, black pepper, and juniper toward the end.

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The Rise of Gin Tourism


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As the popularity of Indian gin continues to soar, distilleries have become sought-after destinations for enthusiasts eager to learn about the craft of gin-making firsthand. Tourists flock to picturesque locales like Goa, Bengaluru, and the Western Ghats to visit distilleries, participate in tasting sessions, and gain insight into the creative process behind their favourite gins. It is not uncommon to find travellers swapping stories and sharing tasting notes over a glass of locally crafted gin.

Moreover, the global demand for craft spirits, coupled with increasing consumer awareness and appreciation for artisanal products, presents a wealth of opportunities for the Indian gin industry.

Price– Goa (Rs.1450) and Karnataka (Rs.2790)
Availability– Currently available in Goa and Karnataka, and shall shortly be available in Haryana

Cover image credits: Nao Spirits