Woman Called “Bangalore Is Unsafe” After Headphones Got Snatched On Cubbon Road; Deletes Tweet

by Sanjana Shenoy
Woman Called “Bangalore Is Unsafe” After Headphones Got Snatched On Cubbon Road; Deletes Tweet

Twitter has become one of the best places stay aware of what is happening in our cities. Recently, a Twitterati took to the microblogging site to state her unfortunate experience where her headphones were snatched while she was jogging on Cubbon road in Bangalore. Here’s what actually happened.

Woman Says Headphones Snatched While Jogging on Cubbon Road, Bangalore

Twitterati Smol bean aka @dev_rhea took to Twitter to share a harrowing incident that happened to her. Apparently, the woman was jogging on Cubbon road in Bangalore at 8 in the morning. That’s when a man on a bike tried to snatch her headphones and was even successful in his second attempt. In her now-deleted tweet, she states that she finds the city to be unsafe. 

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Picture Credits: @dev_rhea/ Twitter

She goes on to say in earlier tweets how the incident has left her traumatised. And she feels afraid to run in the city and even contemplates staying in her room incident. The Twitterati later tweeted that she filed an FIR on the day of the incident at the Commercial street police station. And even said that the Bangalore Police were nothing but helpful.

Twitteratis Recollect Similar Incidents In The City

Twitteratis instantly took to the comments section to share similar incidents faced by them. @scaria_pa says “YO, wtf, the same happened to me about a month ago, my phone got snatched!”. @Adithpodhar replies “Thieves broke into my parked car by smashing one of the door windows on a busy road and took my laptop bag from the backseat. I had just stepped out for 30 mins and hence left my bag in the car. Never doing tht again ever in Bangalore”.

@_NoneType comments” Been there, felt that. Got my Beats headphones snatched by a couple of guys on an unregistered scooter 3 years ago. Since then, I even hold my phone tightly while using it in public because of the fear of getting snatched”. @SarbjeetMicky states “It’s an everyday story, it happened to me. My iPhone 12 Pro Max got snatched infront of an IT park at Bommanhalli at 10:30 p.m. I went to the constable who was at the signal, and instead of taking action, he replied, “Why are you using the phone on the streets? I lost there.”

Well, Bangaloreans, have you ever faced such an incident in Bangalore where your belongings were snatched?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and  @dev_rhea/ Twitter