Woman Empowerment! This Library In Bandra Urges People To Read Books By Female Authors

by Shreya Rathod
Woman Empowerment! This Library In Bandra Urges People To Read Books By Female Authors

It takes a lot to go out of the way and create something unique. And history has witnessed some of the craziest ideas coming to life in the most beautiful form. A similar thing happened on John The Baptist road in Bandra West, the birth of Sister Library. This epitome of female excellence is the place where you will find books by only female authors. Come take a look at this exceptional place painted in bubblegum pink. 

Sister Library: An Incredible Initiative 

sister library
Credits: Sister Library/ Instagram

The Sister Library in Bandra was an initiative by Aqui Thami, an indigenous artist. The purpose of establishing this place was to create a space for literary excellence in one place. The place caters to the female influence in the literature world and strives to bring out the accomplishments of women. A place filled with books by female authors helps to raise feminist consciousness among people. This place is more than just a library; it is the feeling of being in a community. After many efforts, the owner decided to inaugurate the library in a permanent place. Here you will be surrounded by different emotions, thoughts, and visions of these female authors. A different perspective always helps in expanding your vision. Sister Library in true sense is amplifying women’s voices through literary works. 

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 The Creator Behind This Sanctuary


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Aqui Tahmi is the brain behind creating such a space. Her story is quite interesting. She tells that this thought of running a place like this came from her collection of books. On reviewing her collection, she noticed that there were less of books by female authors than by male authors. And this was what inspired her. For Aqui, art is activism in itself. She is involved in various artistic projects like the Dharavi Art Room in one of largest slums in Asia. 

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So, if you are a book lover or want to explore female artistry in literature, do visit Sister Library in Bandra West. 

Where: Bandra West
When: Wed – Sun (1:00pm – 6:00pm)

Cover Image Courtesy: Sister Library/ Instagram