Woman Loses Purse On Moving Bus; Sealdah Traffic Guard’s Agility Wins Her And Netizens’ Hearts

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Loses Purse On Moving Bus; Sealdah Traffic Guard’s Agility Wins Her And Netizens’ Hearts

Many of us have lost so many things while travelling on public transportation. From wallets to umbrellas to bags to water bottles, and whatnot; we have forgotten to pick up many of our belongings in autos, buses, trains, and more such transportation facilities. Recently, an elderly lady also faced the exact problem while travelling on a Kolkata bus. She lost her bag on the moving bus. Gladly, she found all of it back and the credit for this goes to the Sealdah traffic guard.

The On-Duty Personnel Of The Sealdah Traffic Guard Retrieved The Lost Bag

Taking to Twitter, Kolkata Police (@KolkataPolice) has shared how the traffic guard personnel was able to find the bag and return it back to its owner.

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The woman was carrying some important documents and valuables in the bag that she forgot to pick up and left on the bus. After she realised the situation, she wasted no time and soon rushed to the on-duty personnel of the Sealdah traffic guard and reported it.

The guard took some information from the bus ticket to identify the bus. They were successful in intercepting the exact bus, found the lost bag, and returned it to the owner. In the shared video, we can hear the woman stating that all her belongings are in fine condition. No valuables or money went missing from it. She thanked the guard by giving him a sweet hug too.

Netizens Are Impressed With The Authorities’ Promptness & Dedication!

It is always a delight to see anyone helping people in any kind of situation. After Kolkata Police (@KolkataPolice) shared the video of the elderly woman getting her lost bag again from the moving bus in the city, the tweet is receiving a lot of love and appreciation from many Internet users. Tweeple are happy to see the guard and concerned personnel taking action so quickly and finding the lost bag with valuables & documents.

Here are some amazing reactions from Twitter users.

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Have you ever faced a situation where you accidentally lost all your belongings on a moving bus or public mode of transportation?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Kolkata Police (@KolkataPolice)