Fire Breaks Out Inside Kolkata Airport Last Night. The Situation Is Under Control

by Shreya Ghosh
Fire Breaks Out Inside Kolkata Airport Last Night. The Situation Is Under Control

In an unfortunate incident on Wednesday night, a section of Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose international airport caught fire. It was 9:12 PM when the fire started erupting in the check-in counter of Kolkata airport’s portal D. According to several reports, many fire tenders quickly ran to the spot and distinguished the flames and fire within some time. What really happened inside and what is the update on this accident? Let’s find that out here.

Videos Of Fire Erupting Inside The Kolkata Airport Are Going Viral Online

A Twitter user named VT-VLO (@Vinamralongani) took to the micro-blogging platform to share a video of the scary fire breaking out within the check-in counter premises. It can be easily understood that the passengers got anxious and frightened after the sudden unfortunate incident.

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Here’s another video of the fire inside the Kolkata airport shared by Twitter user Saurajit Bose (@saurajit_bose) last night.

He mentioned in the caption of the video that the flight time was showing a delay after the check-in counter portal D caught fire all of a sudden. Smoke engulfed different parts of the airport premises.

Here Are The Updates On The Incident:

The authorities of the airport shared some updates about the fire incident on their official social media accounts. Taking to Twitter, they shared that the minor fire and smoke broke out at 9:12 PM. It took time till 9:40 PM to bring the blaze under control and extinguish the fire and flames completely.

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Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, the Minister of Civil Aviation of India shared some updates about this unfortunate incident. He stated that the situation is under control. Right after the accident, all the passengers, crew, and staff were evacuated safely from the check-in counter. The check-in process also got suspended as smoke was all around the area. After a pause, the check-in process resumed at 10:25 PM.

According to updates from last night, no casualties were reported. The good news is that there have been no injuries because of the minor fire breaking out. Till now, there have been no updates on the exact cause of the fire.

We will keep you informed with further updates!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ VT-VLO (@Vinamralongani), Twitter/ Kolkata Airport (@aaikolairport)