Woman Orders 10-Inch Pizza, Gets 8 Inches Instead. This Is Why We Have Trust Issues

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman Orders 10-Inch Pizza, Gets 8 Inches Instead. This Is Why We Have Trust Issues

Pizza is love, and love is pizza. Period! I am sure many of you will agree with me on the previous sentence. Nothing can beat the happiness and excitement after you order your favourite pizza and are awaiting its delivery. But also, nothing can match the sadness it might bring if it’s not what you expected. Something similar happened with a woman who ordered a 10-inch pizza. Here’s what caused the disappointment:

Woman Orders 10-Inch Pizza But Gets A Smaller One

A woman posted a picture of Margherita pizza on her Twitter account, @shubhibhatia03. Thinking about what’s so unusual about it? Well, this picture had an inch tape on it that showed the size it as 8 inches. 

The woman captioned the picture, stating that she had ordered a 10-inch pizza but received an 8-inch pizza. The woman was sceptical about the size of the pizza and hence used an inch tape to check the exact size of the pizza. 

The pizza did look tempting, but the woman was utterly disappointed as she was given 2 inches less than what she ordered for. She thought of sharing this incident of disappointment on the Internet with others. 

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Netizens Came With Hilarious Takes

The post’s quirkiness made it go viral in no time. It has by far garnered over 87.3K views and 930 likes as well. 

Many netizens related to the post and made some hilarious comments on it. Many related to the incident when she received something less than what she ordered for. While others related to the level of trust issues the user is seen having as she checks the size using a tape. 

One of the users jokingly asked the woman to call for a refund. The woman replied that she did call for a refund and was given a partial refund!. Another person failed to understand if people really check the size of the pizza using tape. 

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Cover Image Courtesy:@shubhibhatia03