Woman Tries To Smuggle 5 Live Snakes In Her Top; Caught At China Airport By Authorities

by Shreya Shriyan
Woman Tries To Smuggle 5 Live Snakes In Her Top; Caught At China Airport By Authorities

As the world develops and its people, so does the way of committing crime. It isn’t new when someone tries to smuggle something through airport security. But this woman in China left everyone stunned when the airport authorities realised what she had been trying to “snake” through security, in her top.

Woman In China Caught Smuggling Live Snakes

Woman Tries To Smuggle 5 Live Snakes In Her Top; Caught At China Airport By Authorities
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This woman in China crossed all bounds of smuggling when she tried to sneak past security with 5 live corn snakes in her top. The snakes were wrapped in stockings and stuffed down her top. Officials in China’s Guangdong province apprehended her while she crossed the border at Futian Port in Shenzhen.

This aroused suspicion, leading the officials to request a full body inspection from her. During the inspection, the officers discovered five live snakes wrapped in stockings. The snakes were being held against her chest. The corn snakes were eventually handed over to the respective departments to ensure their safety.

A few days ago, customs officers at Futian Port noticed a female traveller with a “strange body shape” entering the channel.

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This is not the first instance of someone trying to ‘slither’ their way out of airport security. Earlier on April 2023, Airport officials reported that a woman managed to smuggle over 20 snakes and a chameleon onto a plane.

Woman Caught Smuggling Snakes And Other Wildlife

She concealed them in her check-in luggage before being apprehended in India. Chennai Customs tweeted that an unnamed woman arrived at Chennai Airport from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 28. It is unclear whether the woman was arrested, after getting caught.

The snakes were smuggled from Malaysia to be sold as exotic pets. The seized snakes include green corn snakes, Mexican black kingsnakes, green anacondas, and a chameleon. Officials stated that the animals were in good health and were returned to Malaysia on the same Air Asia flight they were carried in.

The preservation of wildlife animals has been a priority in many countries including India. The Government of India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act in 1972 to help protects animal species and plants.

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Have you ever witnessed bizarre cases of people trying to smuggle exotic wildlife in ways and places they shouldn’t? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image courtesy: Canva and Wikimedia Commons