Woman Tweets How ‘Pure Veg’ Restaurant Signs Are Offensive, Starts A Blazing Twitter Debate

by Shreya Rathod
Woman Tweets How ‘Pure Veg’ Restaurant Signs Are Offensive, Starts A Blazing Twitter Debate

Have you ever wondered what the ‘Pure Veg’ sign board on or outside a restaurant means? Well, a Twitter user @hoopoe_is_here did. Recently, a post took Twitter by storm. Now, what was so controversial in it that Netizens got divided and started a hot debate? Here is a brief of what the tweet says and the comments it received from people on Twitter.

Is ‘Pure Veg’ Sign Offensive?

pure veg sign
Credits: Twitter/ @hoopoe_is_here

The tweet by @hoopoe_is_here said that ‘pure veg’ signs across various food outlets are offensive and implies that anything other than vegetarian food is ‘impure’ and legitimises discrimination against people of diverse preferences. This sentence was enough to spark a new debate on what these sign boards actually imply, whether it is discriminatory or not. However, there was a small section of supporters who applauded the fact that finally, someone took notice of this situation.

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Netizen’s Take On This Tweet

Netizens are looking at this situation through both lenses. Among negative comments, one user wrote, “glad someone finally took notice.” While some reacted by saying, “you don’t need to over analyse everything in this world.” One of the users tweeted, “these restaurants exclusively cook vegetarian food, and some people don’t like eating out in a vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant.”

Besides this, countless tweets were saying that there was nothing discriminatory about these sign boards and claiming that the person has got the wrong translation for ‘pure veg’. Anyway, what is your opinion about this? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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