World Cup 2019: Five Cool Cafes To Catch The Match This Weekend

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
World Cup 2019: Five Cool Cafes To Catch The Match This Weekend

Are you gripped with all the excitement of the cricket season? Are you someone who seldom enjoys streaming matches alone? If you like to be around cricket enthusiasts, check out some of the hottest spots to stream the match this week. Bonus- there will be loads of food, drinks and endless offers to choose from.

1. Hitchki

This happens to be one of the grandest World Cup screening spots in the city. Hitchki Stadium is where you need to be if you are a devout fan. Bottomless drinks, irresistible dishes to snack on and the energy around makes your match-viewing experience a lot like being at the stadium. Their menu is infamous because of their wordplay-and dishes themed around the cricket mania.

Location: Grand Millenium Dubai, Barsha Heights, Dubai
Timings: 6am – 9pm
Cost for Two – AED 260
Contact: 04 4234170

2. Indulgence Cafe

From Happy Hours on Sheesha, an elaborate food menu and a great ambience, awaits you at this budget-friendly spot. The cafe live streams matches every evening, attracting cricket enthusiasts. If you were to ask for a rating for this place, the university students in and around Dubai would be your best consult. Cheer for your favourite team with the best options for Sheeshas and food to choose from.

Location – France Cluster, International City
Timings: 9am – 3am
Cost for Two – AED 140
Contact: 04 5260490

3. Bar Baar

Hey there, Cricket fan! Would you fancy a platter themed around your favourite team for you to choose as well as dishes named after the iconic players? Find them right here in Bar Baar. This desi pub is a popular choice amongst Desi crowds and the live  streaming guarantees fun. Plus, you can sip on the best of the drinks and try their scrumptious bites too. Sounds like a plan, right?

Location – Majestic City Retreat Hotel, Mankhool
Timings: 12noon – 3am
Cost for Two – AED 300 (including Alcohol)
Contact: 04 5269199

4. Garage Cafe

Taste the large variety of sheesha flavours and cheer in style for your favourite team. This car-themed sheesha cafe is infamous for its quirky interiors and pop of colours. So we recommend you check out this place along all your friends and family to get the most out of the live cricket screening experience.

Location – Oud Metha, Dubai
Timings: 24 hours
Cost for Two – AED 105
Contact: 04 3422811

5. Rooftop Lounge

Get roaring vibes just like the stadium, amazing food deals and an open-air atmosphere right here at the Rooftop Lounge. One of the city’s most popular hangout destinations, the live match screening makes it a crowd puller every weekend. Also, the menu has some great choices so you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner with an unbeatable view.

Location – Royal Ascot Bar, Mankhool, Dubai
Timings: 6pm – 3am
Cost for two– AED 400
Contact- 04 5260734

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