World’s 1st Map For Travellers With All Abilities Launched By AI-Driven Travel Platform Geni-us

Revolutionizing Travel Planning with Geni-us by Travel Genius

by Deeplata Garde
World’s 1st Map For Travellers With All Abilities Launched By AI-Driven Travel Platform Geni-us

Embarking on a transformative journey, Travel Genius proudly unveils Geni-us, an inventive travel search engine designed to redefine the travel landscape, particularly for individuals with distinct accessibility needs. Going beyond conventional travel suggestions, this AI-driven platform crafts personalised itineraries, intricately tailored to individual preferences and accessibility prerequisites.

Geni-us Unveiled: A Trailblazer In Travel Experience For All Abilities

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At the forefront of innovation, Geni-us emerges as the world’s maiden travel map meticulously crafted for individuals with disabilities. This pioneering platform intricately maps every facet of travel, from streets and parks to buildings and eateries, ensuring travellers with diverse abilities can plan their journeys with unwavering confidence, assured that their unique accessibility needs will be catered to.

Your Digital Travel Companion

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Geni-us harnesses state-of-the-art technology, boasting a free-form search capability in natural language. Users can unravel comprehensive insights with a single search, guaranteeing that every suggestion seamlessly aligns with their accessibility requirements. Positioned as an intuitive digital travel companion, Geni-us simplifies the voyage from wanderlust to destination for all types of travellers.

Hannes Bos, the visionary Founder of Travel Genius with over two decades in the travel industry, underscores, “Geni-us was conceived from a genuine need to make travel accessible and stress-free for everyone. Our commitment to inclusivity sets us apart in the industry.”

Advocating Accessibility Awareness

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In a testament to its commitment to inclusivity, Travel Genius collaborates with the Accessible Travel and Tourism International Conference in Dubai on January 11 and 12, 2024. This strategic partnership aims to bolster global accessibility and shed light on the needs and expectations of millions of tourists with disabilities. Hannes Bos, also a Global Advisor of Billion Strong, actively contributes to the mission of uniting, elevating, and empowering the global community of people with disabilities.

Beyond The Conventional Travel Tools

Geni-us transcends the conventional realm of being merely a travel tool; it emerges as a holistic platform consolidating pivotal travel queries into an intuitive map-based interface, establishing a paradigm shift in personalised and accessible travel planning. Diverging from other AI-driven resources, Geni-us promises hyper-personalised, pertinent suggestions that give precedence to accessibility.

At the core of Geni-us lies its prowess in processing travel search queries in real time and interpreting their underlying intent. The platform seamlessly integrates a myriad of travel guides, accommodation reviews, curated content, and itinerary maps, streamlining the research phase for travellers and ensuring their experiences align precisely with specific needs and desires.

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Optimal & All-Encompassing Travel Planning

Whether for leisure or business, Geni-us assures optimal and inclusive travel planning, empowering every individual to navigate the world with confidence and ease. Geni-us heralds the era of personalised and accessible travel, ushering in a novel chapter that transforms the way we plan and embark on our journeys.

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