World’s First Ayurvedic Resort Somatheeram In Kerala Offers Yoga Lessons, Therapies & More!

by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 151

If you’re looking for natural therapies and ayurvedic treatments, then check out this ayurvedic resort situated in Kerala. Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala promotes traditional ayurvedic therapy as well as yoga in an absolute tranquil environment. It is located in Chowara Beach, Kovalam, Kerala. It will help you in attaining a good lifestyle and will bring calmness, and positivity.

Sometimes a little quiet and solitude are what you need. Through Ayurveda, Somatheeram aims in releasing all your stress and anxiety. It is an eco-friendly venture owned and managed by Mr. Baby Mathew. Somatheeram is known as the world’s first Ayurvedic hospital along with a resort.

How It Works?

First and foremost, you can book your rooms and treatment appointments through their website. Somatheeram has designed some luxurious accommodation facilities, the rooms are decent and clean, and they have a cozy vibe. They also have their own branded toiletries. 

Ayurveda is also about detoxifying and healing your body with the help of Massage. Somatheeram brings a variety of massages, they offer Ayurveda Panchakarma and Rasayana Packages for their guests. Every package includes accommodation, ayurvedic treatment, vegetarian meals, yoga lessons, therapies, etc. 

They have packages like a Stress management program, Ayurveda anti-aging program, slimming treatments, body purification, etc. Every treatment performed using is done under the supervision of experts. The massive advantage here is that no treatment causes any kind of side effects.







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Facilities They Provide

Along with all the ayurvedic treatment Somatheeram offers a list of other amenities too. They take care of your entertainment also, during evenings they have dance, music and cultural art forms of Kerala shows.  Their meals are divine, they only serve healthy and vegetarian cuisines to maintain your digestion. An authentic Kerala feast(sadya) is prepared for the guests along with the typical ayurvedic cuisines. They make no compromise on the taste and the freshness of your food. To promote digestion, they serve their herbal water throughout the day.

Normally, the staycation duration depends on every treatment. Somatheeram promises to provide their guests with good results and a memorable healthy stay at their resort. So, plant your ayurvedic treatment at Somatheeram.







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