World’s First ‘Healthy’ Child-Friendly Restaurant Opens In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
World’s First ‘Healthy’ Child-Friendly Restaurant Opens In Dubai

Dubai has a lot of child-friendly restaurants but there’s nothing that keeps junk away, isn’t it? And this, has been a mammoth battle in every household. However, the battle might just be over! White and the Bear- a new ‘healthy’ kids’ restaurant has just Jumeirah.

What’s It?

Dubai’s diverse food scene is definitely one to appreciate, but this also has a flip side to it. Very few restaurants try to eliminate junk and present a ‘healthy’ menu, especially when it comes to kids. However, an Emirati couple decided to put a full stop to this never-ending problem and opened a healthy kid-friendly restaurant.

‘White and the Bear’, the world’s first child-friendly restaurant opened doors to the public on 31 July. Docked amidst a scenic setting in Jumeirah, the restaurant provides healthy food options for tots. Brainchild of Hana Al Mulla and Saud Musabih, the restaurant has an environment that encourages kids to make healthy food choices.

White and the Bear serves all things healthy, and organic food. The menu is carefully designed by Annabel Karmel, a child food expert from the UK.

As a mother, Hanna was very particular about giving her kids healthy food, which  made eating out a big problem. The issue bothered her so much and that’s how the idea was born.

The Menu

On the menu, parents can expect all things healthy including:

  1. No-sugar energy balls made of dates
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese with hidden vegetables
  3. Hamburgers made of carrots and apple
  4. Sweet potato veggies
  5. Non-spicy butter chicken and more
Credits: bopomofo Facebook

The Ambiance

As for the decor, do not expect flashy pinks or blues! Featuring minimal designs, the new kids’ restaurant and concept store offers an ambiance that promotes creativity and learning, contrary to the traditional bright hues. The furniture has been designed to cater to kids of all age groups, starting from six months to eight years.

Once here, kids will be given a white apron. The staff will then help them sit on the chairs and hand them over the menu which will have pictures of healthy food options. Furthermore, the restaurant also has some interactive activities planned to keep kids occupied. For example, kids can participate in squeezing oranges to help make orange juice.

We’re not sure about the tots, but we’re super excited for this one!


Location: Villa 11 Al Athar Street
Contact: 04 339 5911