World’s First Padel League Is Happening In Dubai This June

by Deeplata Garde
World’s First Padel League Is Happening In Dubai This June

With tennis tournaments ongoing in Dubai, another sporty event announcement has to be made to the top news sections today. It’s none other than the newly introduced sport in Dubai, Padel. Recently we saw the launch of the padel court in Dubai’s JLT neighbourhood. A few weeks into it and a tournament are already on the cards. World’s first padel league is happening in none other than the glam city of Dubai.

World Padel League Comes To Dubai

World Padel League
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The first World Padel League is to be staged in partnership with Dubai Sports Council at Coca-Cola Arena from June 8 to June 11, 2023. We can anticipate the best padel players in the world with the largest performers in the world to create the Best show on the court. The World Padel League will have 4 teams, 24 of the top players in the world. There would be entertainment as 4 concerts with well-known singers from around the world will be in action. The same group that just finished the hugely successful World Tennis League is bringing a 4-day sporting event to Dubai.

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What’s The Aim Behind Introducing This Event To Dubai?

World Padel League
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The underlining aim of this event is to increase the popularity of sports in the Emirates and attract skilled talent from around the globe to Dubai. Overall, domestic and international players will exhibit their skills, emphasizing tournament regulations and standards. This will tend to solidify the dedication made to promote and grow the sports. The development will in turn pique locals’ and tourists’ interest in participating in active sports. The World Padel League will raise the popularity of sport both locally and internationally.

The World Padel League will bring the top players from across the world to the centre court. Also, we can expect a stellar lineup of athletes and musicians. We will soon unveil more information related to the league.

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