World’s First ‘Save Now, Travel Later’ Application Lets Users Invest For Travel Goals

by Shreya Ghosh
World’s First ‘Save Now, Travel Later’ Application Lets Users Invest For Travel Goals

New things and new initiatives are launching in the travel & tourism industry every day. Let us introduce you to ‘Multipl app’, helping you to boost your travel goals. They are here to revolutionise the way you travelled before. You can invest in your travel goals efficiently and meanwhile earn back on your savings. Various established brands and names in this industry partnered with this application for giving access to offers, discounts, and benefits to the users.

Multipl App Is The Perfect Application For Your Travel Goals

This application platform introduced the concept of ‘Save Now, Travel Later’ for the first time in the world. It is, in every way, an efficient and helpful platform for travellers. Multipl app is the first platform of its kind that influences and lets the travellers spend on travel and save at the same time.  Presently, Multipl app is working in partnership with MakeMyTrip, EasyMyTrip, Yatra, Pickyourtail, and more of such similar brands. Working on your travel goals while using this application will lead you to get your hands on amazing discounts and advantages.

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Travel goals

Stand A Chance To Win A Vacation Of 1 Lakh

Multipl very recently launched an exciting initiative ‘Travel Bonanza’22’. Using this initiative, you can be the lucky winner to win the outstanding jackpot of a free vacation of up to 1 lakh and fulfill all your travel goals. How cool will be if Multipl sponsors your trip? So do not wait anymore and jump on this exciting opportunity. All you need to do is plan your travel goals and who knows you might be the lucky winner of the jackpot offer.

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Do not dishearten if you do not win the great prize as there is something for everyone. You will get an additional 5% of your travel expenditure included in your savings and get a cashback up to 10,000 too for your travel goals.