World’s First ‘Winery Airline’ Invivo Air Took Its First Flight And It Was Wine O’ Clock Mid Air!

by Mallika Khurana
World’s First ‘Winery Airline’ Invivo Air Took Its First Flight And It Was Wine O’ Clock Mid Air!

This week, the wine producer Invivo, from New Zealand, launched Invivo Air to provide wine enthusiasts with a winery in the air. 30 wine tourists travelled on the all-inclusive vineyard vacation from Auckland through Queenstown. It was an overnight excursion during which they sampled more than 16 wines!

Invivo Air Took Its First Flight


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The world’s first winery airline (as they call it) had passengers onboard the Invivo Air Saab 340 aircraft with the name “Cloud Wine” and enjoy a guided wine sampling in the air as it took off from Auckland airport. The award-winning Invivo and Graham Norton ranges were served at the winery in the sky experience. Attendees even received a welcome bag on board that included Invivo’s ‘Cloud Wine’ in-flight mag, a sun hat and sunscreen, and native Kiwi snacks provided by Griffins. The plane’s design evoked a vineyard feel and appearance with the hanging vines.

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Invivo Air arrived at Queenstown Airport, the most picturesque airport in the world, two hours after taking off. As soon as they arrived, visitors were led to “Legend’s Terrace,” one of Invivo’s oldest estates in Central Otago, for a tour and sampling. They were entertained by the live music from a local band while soaking in the breathtaking views of Felton Road and Bannockburn.

Experiencing Winery In Air With Delicious Bites

A spectacular Winemakers’ banquet-style supper was served to guests in the evening at the stunning venue, in central Queenstown. It was opened especially for Invivo Air with dishes that paired well with Invivo’s selection of wines and spirits.

Before taking the Invivo Air flight back, the guests spent the night in lake-side rooms with stunning views at the 5-star Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa, which is located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. The resort had exclusive amenities like an indoor pool, fitness centre, and day spa.

The first flight was evidently successful. Hence, Invivo Air is now accepting reservations and location recommendations for the next international and domestic flights.  Later in 2023, Invivo intends to announce the dates for its subsequent flight.

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Invivo Wines