Wuhan Researcher Claims That China Engineered COVID-19 To Use As Bio-Weapon; 10 Points

Wuhan Researcher
by Shreya Ghosh

The outbreak of coronavirus in all corners of the world is certainly one of the biggest shocking news in the entire history of human civilisation. Before the spread of the virus, no one could have imagined staying in between closed doors for such a long time without stepping outside of our houses. We began wearing masks to protect ourselves from pollution but never thought that they could have the potential to save us from a deadly virus. There have been many claims, guesses, and headlines regarding the initial outbreak of this life-threatening virus. The most recent revelation by a Wuhan researcher has left people in shock!

China Devised COVID-19 Intentionally, Shared A Wuhan Researcher

Wuhan Researcher

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Chao Shao is a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and his recently claimed statements on China being the mastermind behind the coronavirus are making a lot of buzz. The researcher recently did an interview with Jennifer Zeng, an International Press Association. This interview resulted in the disclosure of some surprising global news where Chao Shao stated China created the coronavirus.

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  • Calling the virus a bioweapon, the Wuhan Institute of Virology researcher stated that four different strains of it were given to his colleagues. They were asked to specify the strain that spreads the most and in the best way.
  • Chao Shao shared about an incident from the Military World Games in Wuhan in the year 2019. He revealed that some of his colleagues were missing at that time, according to a report by LiveMint.
  • These colleagues later stated that they had to visit the hotels where all the international athletes were lodged. They were sent to those places for evaluating the health and hygiene standards.
  • After hearing about the researchers visiting hotels to keep an eye on health and hygiene, he doubted that they might have been sent to spread the engineered virus strain.

Chao Shao Also Had To Go To Some Places

Wuhan Researcher

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  • In fact, he visited some re-education camps in Xinjiang to evaluate the health conditions of the locked-up Uyghurs. He heard that these people might be sent out of prison soon and that’s why he went for checking their conditions.
  • It is not the responsibility of any virologist to assess the health status of any person. Virologists’ presence is not a requisite for the process of conducting health evaluations and checks.
  • This grew suspicions of the Wuhan researcher.
  • He felt that he could have been sent to such places for spreading the virus. He also shared another possibility of him going to places to estimate how the virus is causing effects in human beings.
  • But this is not the end of all claims and probabilities.
  • Shao further added that he does not know about the exact initial point of the virus and there is a lot to explore.

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