X User Blames Zomato For Food With A Layer Of Oil; Netizens Point It To Be A “Restaurant Problem”

Netiezns do not agree with the woman for slamming Zomato after receiving bad-quality food.

by Shreya Ghosh
X User Blames Zomato For Food With A Layer Of Oil; Netizens Point It To Be A “Restaurant Problem”

Can you imagine your life without depending on online e-commerce and food delivery platforms? Well, I believe most of us depend on these apps and platforms to buy anything and everything, starting from basic essentials to even fancy things. Sadly, not all customers have a good experience while ordering online. Recently, a woman fell sick after eating food ordered from Zomato.

X User Slammed Zomato For Receiving Food With Lots Of Oil Floating On Top

Taking to X, CA Nikita Toshniwal (@nikitoshniwal) shared her experience of ordering from the food delivery platform and what happened later.

As shared in the pictures, it can be clearly seen how a thick layer of oil is floating on top of the dish placed inside the plastic container. In fact, the lid looked so greasy with oil from the rich dish. Nikita wrote in the caption how the food ordered from Zomato was so bad and unhealthy. She and her friends ate it on Friday and suffered from stomach pain and bloating. In addition to the pictures, she also added a screenshot of writing a mail to Zomato complaining about the same.

The X user further added that consumers need to “think before ordering food from online delivery partners and cloud kitchen. It is not at all safe these days”.

Zomato Care responded to the X post and expressed their disappointment for Nikita and her friends to go through all this trouble.

It has been 2 days since the complaint mail was sent to Zomato, Nikita added as well.

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Most Netizens Do Not Seem To Agree With Her

Shared just a day ago, the X post has already garnered almost 66K views and mixed reactions from others. While some Netizens are blaming Zomato for delivering such a bad-quality food order, most of them are calling it a fault of the restaurant and not of the delivery platform. Many users asked Nikita to make a complaint about the place that she ordered from rather than slamming Zomato for this experience.

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Who do you think is at fault here, Zomato or the restaurant that she ordered the dish from?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ CA Nikita Toshniwal (@nikitoshniwal)

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