X User Draws Attention To Roomali Roti Disappearing From Menus & Calls It A Crisis; Netizens Agree

An X user's post about the slow disappearance of Roomali Rotis from restaurant menus has garnered the attention of Netizens.

by Sanjana Shenoy
X User Draws Attention To Roomali Roti Disappearing From Menus & Calls It A Crisis; Netizens Agree

The allure of Roomali Roti is in its making. Dating back to the Mughal era, this roti made with all-purpose flour (maida) is cooked on an inverted kadhai. Just like a roomal (handkerchief in Hindi), the bread has a soft and extremely thin texture and that’s the reason behind its name— Roomali Roti. Often served on special occasions and seldom at restaurants, an X user has noticed a food crisis — the vanishing of Roomali Rotis from restaurant menus. And this time, Netizens also agree to have noticed the same.

“Roomali Rotis Are Vanishing From Menus,” Says X User & Netizens Agree

An X user, Hari (@harikrishnan_91) drew attention to a crisis on the microblogging site. In his post, he writes that Roomali Roti is vanishing from menus and this is a crisis that isn’t spoken about enough. Hari, who is also a journalist, ended up stirring the pot on X. Netizens who were earlier unaware of the slow disappearance of this Mughal-era bread, immediately took notice of this “crisis”. 

Raking in over 276k views and 144 comments, his post alarmed many foodies. @RichaaaaSingh commented, “Damn, I noticed it just now. Agreeably, @WanderlustGirl_ stated that she specifically seeks it at Indian restaurants only to find that not many restaurants have this on their menus.

Glad to not be the only one missing Roomali Rotis, @ujwalmk agrees with the X user’s post. @MaginAbheet writes, “Glad someone said it”. @Itsatraaaaaap calls it a conspiracy by the big naan. Well, with naan, parathas and tandoori rotis gaining a lot of popularity perhaps the Roomali roti has been sidelined. Meanwhile, film critic Anmol Jamwal says, “Moti Mahal never disappoints though”.

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What Could Be The Reason?

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