X User Gives A Tour Of Airbus A380; Internet Says, “This Is What We Call Luxury!”

X (formerly Twitter) user shares a video showing Airbus A380’s luxurious interiors and the internet is in love with the opulence of this massive aeroplane.

by Tashika Tyagi
X User Gives A Tour Of Airbus A380; Internet Says, “This Is What We Call Luxury!”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like travelling inside the world’s largest double-decker plane? Well, we can’t give you the experience, but we can surely give you a peek inside the luxurious Airbus A380, thanks to this X (formerly Twitter) user! She took to X to share a video giving a tour of Emirates Airbus A380 and only one word that can describe this plane – luxurious! Scroll on and check out the video right away.

X User Shares Video Showing Impressive Interiors Of Airbus A380

X (formerly Twitter) user, @TheFigen_ shared a video showing the interiors of Airbus A380 and we’re in awe! She was travelling with Emirates and shared a video showing the massive plane’s layout. She added a caption that said, “What the world’s largest double-deck airliner, Airbus A380, looks like inside …”

Airbus A380 is popular for its expansive and distinctive interior design and luxurious seating arrangements. The video captured the economy, premium economy, and business class sections of the plane and it was truly magnificent. You can see wide aisles, comfortable seats, and a wide staircase that leads to the first-class section of the plane. You can also see the impressive onboard lounge and shower spa area in the first class in this video.

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Netizens Impressed With The Massive Plane & Share Their Experiences

Airbus A380
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

With millions of views, this video showing the interiors of Airbus A380 has won over the internet! Hundreds of people have shared their amazement as well as their experience of travelling on this aeroplane in the comments and here are some you cannot miss out on.

Some people even shared their scary landing experience in this massive aeroplane.

Oh well, the disadvantage of last-row seats seems to occur on this plane as well!

What are your thoughts on this video? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Airbus & X/@aicarlosjimenez

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